Mrs. Janice Willis-Hitchye

With her dynamic hairstyles and sweet personality, Mrs. Janice Willis-Hitchye rightfully founded Chocolate City Hair Salon in 1995.  Since then, Chocolate City has served thousands of clients to become the platinum standard for salons in Kansas City.


A proven master of the shears, Janice earned her cosmetology license over 20+ years ago.  Her clientele grew at a rapid pace, from serving family and friends in her kitchen to delighting notables in Chocolate City.  With the spacious and peaceful environment Janice welcomed a variety of barbers, stylists and nail technicians, many of which became salon owners through her mentorship.  Her longstanding relationship with the community provided the opportunity to promote the Chocolate City team and display the latest trends in hair and style.  


You may have saw her on Kansas City’s KMBC Channel 9 News giving makeovers to Hurricane Katrina survivors, featured in “Minority Success Magazine”, beautifying Attucks School K-12 students, or Mastering her skills once again with her staffs at Canaan Worship Center giving back on the Back to School K-12.  Combining the gift of hair and philanthropy, Janice travels to educate and learn innovative techniques.  She serves on the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.  Needless to say, Janice strongly believes in giving back to rising stylists. Therefore, she is currently completing her instructor license with determination to open a cosmetology school in the future.


Known as one of Kansas City’s Top Ten Stylists, Janice continues to be a frontrunner in the industry by expressing her love for beauty, community and current styles.  She makes the commitment to her team, education and loyal clientele a priority to fill the gaps in the ever-increasing beauty industry.


Janice is a proud wife and mother with a huge loving family, residing in the suburbs of Kansas City.

Master of the Shears


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